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Wash & Care

Our products are made to be used, and sometimes little accidents happen which is completely natural with a baby in the house. But with the right amount of love and care (...and a little bit of washing), your product will be as good as new if you follow these simple instructions 


Little accidents are inevitable with a newborn baby, and of course you will need to wash it from time to time. Not to worry though, we have made it quite easy for you to do so, and if you follow these washing instructions your babynest will be as good as new in no time:
1. Remove the mattress through the hidden zipper at the foot end. Also remove the cover that hides the adjustable strings (the one with our logo label on it). Both the mattress and the soft cover can only be hand washed, if needed. Otherwise just spot clean these with a damp cloth.
2. Make sure the strings on the sides of the babynest are tied together (to prevent the string from being "lost" during the washing cycle).
3. Place the entire babynest (without mattress and soft cover) into the washing machine and wash on a gentle cycle. We recommend a maximum of 40 degrees celsius (104 degress fahrenheit) to be gentle on our beautiful environment.
4. When it is done washing, you can either tumble dry on low heat or simply lay it out on a flat surface until it dries properly. When it is completely dry, insert the mattress again and adjust the sides. Finish by putting back on the soft cover to hide the drawstrings and give your babynest a little massage to put it back into shape.


1. Remove the string and the band with the logo

2. Place the rest of the Toddlernest (collected) in the washing machine. We recommend maximum 40 degrees to care for both the product and the environment

3. When the washing machine is finished, you unzip the snake of the mattress and let them dry separately. The bumper may need a bit of "massage" to find its form again after wash