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The sustainable choice


BORN Copenhagen is built upon a vision of creating beautiful, organic kids interior where every piece is made exclusively with the best materials and highest attention to details.

We want to contribute to a sustainable future where our children can grow up in a safe and beautiful world. We believe in transparency and work exclusively with suppliers who are sustainably certified in both environmental and social responsibility. All our products are created with focus on the environment and a CO2-neutral future in mind. That is why all our products are made from 100% organic fibers and contains no harmful chemicals.

We are always careful not to overproduce. Instead, we create products in timeless design, made exclusively in the best materials - so you can be sure that they will last for generations.

All our products are packed in recyclable plastic and cardboard to protect the environment. Likewise we have supported the concept "Growing Trees" and donated several trees to the Danish forests.

Sustainability only makes sense to us if the products are created with a clear conscience. We have a strong focus on CSR, which means that we take social responsibility. That is why we always work on the basis of the knowledge that people must be treated with respect and understanding. In addition, the factories we work with do not use child labor and they guarantee fair and safe working conditions, such as access to food, water, toilet, breaks etc.


At BORN Copenhagen, we have been GOTS-certified since 2017 - a certification we are very proud of. 

GOTS - The Global Organic Textile Standard, is an international, recognized standard for organic fibers, and the highest certification within the textile industry.

To achieve the certification, the GOTS organization sets strict requirements for a wide range of processes throughout the value and supply chain. This applies from the cultivation and processing of raw materials and all the way to social conditions during production, consideration for the environment and for the final, finished product.

Requirements for GOTS certification:

  • Organic fibers
  • No use of chemicals that may have a harmful effect on our health
  • Social responsibility - fair and safe working conditions
  • Environmental requirements for, among other things, wastewater, product and packaging

All links, processes and companies involved are verified and controlled regularly, so the consumer is always assured of the high standard and can always feel secured when buying the GOTS-labeled products.

For potential elaboration of GOTS requirements and values, you can read more on their website or watch this short film.

Organic, certified by Ecocert Greenlife 169730