Babynest - PAINT
Babynest - PAINT
Babynest - PAINT
Babynest - PAINT
Babynest - PAINT

Babynest - PAINT


Our babynests are designed to give the best beginning of life for newborn babies. They are made with thick and firm sides as well as a nice and firm 3 cm mattress. Our unique design hides away the strings that adjust the size of the nest - we want to be sure that babies cannot reach or get in touch with the strings. 

The mattress can easily be taken out through the hidden zipper closure. The mattress is covered with fabric to increase its life span and to make it easier for you to remove and insert the mattress, if you wish to wash the babynest.

All our babynests are reversible - meaning you can decide if you want the printed side to be on the inside or outside depending on what you prefer the most.

Be sure to add our headpiece with matching prints to make sure that when your baby spills or drools you do not have to wash the entire babynest, but only need to wash the headpiece.

Why choose a babynest?

A babynest helps to give your baby a feeling of security - the soft sides helps to surround your baby, so it is reminiscent of the time in the womb. Use it in the cradle, crib, stroller or bring it to the living room and place it on the sofa or on the floor and you will find that your baby will be able to become calm, relaxed and fall asleep better.

Our babynests are made with the best materials. We use certified organic cotton, and to be able to remove the mattress we have used a hidden zipper from YKK - the best ones on the market. We assure you that your baby can sleep safely and gently in this luxurious babynest. 


Made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton.

Breathable 100% polyester filling

3 cm. removable 100% Polyurethane foam mattress

Adjustable in size through hidden strings.

Can be used from 0-8 months

Measurements: Inner: 70x31 cm / Outer: 80x46 cm