NIGHT SKY Nursing Pillow incl. FOSSFLAKES

NIGHT SKY Nursing Pillow incl. FOSSFLAKES

Our soft organic GOTS certified nursing pillow cover will make sure your baby lies softly and safely during those many hours of breast/bottle feeding your baby. Combined with the test winning FOSSFLAKES pillow which provides the absolute best support for both mom and baby during breast/bottle feeding, you have the best conditions for a successful feeding.

Made only with pure organic cotton and with a simple, yet detailed design with beautiful contrast colour piping and an envelope closure on the back, meaning your baby will not be placed on any zippers or buttons. We designed it with your baby's comfort as the primary focus.

We recommend you always have two covers for when tiny little accidents happen and you need to wash it, so you always have a new and clean ready to slip on.

H: 20cm W: 70cm (fits the FOSSFLAKES nursing pillow which is included)

FAQ about the FOSSFLAKES pillow:

The Fossflakes Nursing Pillow is designed to provide optimal support for both mums and babies while breastfeeding. Regardless of which position you prefer, the nursing pillow will provide support, easing the tension in your neck, back and shoulder and helping you get a calm and attentive time with your baby.

Helps you breastfeed in a comfortable position without tiring your arms

Provides ergonomically correct support and comfort

Retains its shape and volume, even after frequent washing and usage

Remains cool and dry during use

Non-allergenic and Oeko-Tex certified

Denmark: FREE shipping above 65 EUR

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Denmark: FREE shipping above 65 EUR

Europe: FREE shipping above 135 EUR